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The nomenclature is divided into two sections:
  • microtechnology subcontracting
  • production technologies, trading and service providers


1A0005 High precision mechanical engineering
1A0010 Micromechanical engineering
1A0015 Very high precision micromechanical engineering

Stamping, cutting, forming, tools and dies

Stamped and cut parts
1A0105 Fine blanking
1A0110 Water-jet cut parts
1A0115 Laser-cut parts
1A0120 Chemically cut parts
1A0125 Precision stamped parts
1A0130 Stamped and assembled parts
1A0135 Parts cut by wire EDM
1A0140 Stamped, bent or cambered parts
1A0145 Parts stamped on a single tool
1A0150 Parts stamped on a punching machine
1A0155 Stamped springs

Formed parts
1A0205 Precision tube bending
1A0210 Microtubes
1A0215 Composite parts
1A0220 Deep-drawn parts
1A0225 Drawn parts
1A0230 Forged parts
1A0235 Formed parts with treatment or post-treatment
1A0240 Parts formed on a single tool
1A0245 Parts formed on a bending press
1A0250 Sintered parts
1A0255 Hydroformed parts
1A0260 Roll-formed parts
1A0265 Multi-slide parts
1A0270 Cold formed springs
1A0275 Additive manufacturing

Tools and dies (stamping)
1A0305 Progressive dies for stamping and cambering
1A0310 Progressive dies for deep drawing
1A0315 Multi-slide tools
1A0320 Fine stamping tools
1A0325 Punching, notching tools
1A0330 Second operation tools (stamping, bending…)
1A0335 Multifunctional tools (stamping, bending, tapping, assembly,...)
1A0340 Swiss tools
1A0345 Transfer tools

Injection, overmoulding, tools

1B0005 Small parts injection
1B0010 Precision injection
1B0015 Microinjection

1B0105 Ceramic parts injection
1B0110 Metallic parts injection
1B0115 Plastic parts injection

Mouldings and overmouldings
1B0205 Technical ceramic mouldings
1B0210 Elastomer mouldings
1B0215 Plastic mouldings
1B0220 Metal and alloy mouldings
1B0225 Low-pressure plastic moulding
1B0230 Two-component polymer and plastic mouldings
1B0235 Plastic overmouldings
1B0240 Thermoformed parts

Tools (moulds)
1B0305 Overmoulding mould
1B0310 Thermoplastic material mould
1B0315 Metal injection mould
1B0320 Mould for extrusion blow moulding
1B0325 Mould for high-speed prototyping
1B0330 Thermocompression mould
1B0335 Thermoforming mould
1B0340 Prototype mould

Machining, micromachining

1C0005 Precision bar turning
1C0010 Micromachining
1C0015 High precision micromachining
1C0020 Precision machining

1C0105 Precision tube cutter
1C0110 Small tube finishing

1C0205 Sharpening
1C0210 Boring
1C0215 Deburring, polishing
1C0220 Milling
1C0225 Drilling, tapping
1C0230 Grinding
1C0235 Slitting
1C0240 Lapping
1C0245 Laser welding
1C0250 Trimming
1C0255 Turning
1C0260 Chemical machining
1C0265 Hard material machining
1C0270 Wire EDM
1C0275 Die sinking EDM
1C0280 Water-jet machining
1C0285 Laser machining
1C0290 Very high speed machining
1C0295 Ultrasound machining

1C0305 Micromilling
1C0310 Laser micromachining
1C0315 Jet micromachining: water, sand, etc.
1C0320 Ultrasonic micromachining
1C0325 Precise ElectroChemical Machining PECM


1C0405 Micromanufacturing through chemical etching: silicon, quartz, etc.
1C0410 Micromanufacturing through plasma etching
1C0415 Micromanufacturing through LIGA technology

Treatment and post-treatment

1D0005 Surface treatment
1D0010 Post-treatment

1D0105 Anodising
1D0110 Chrome-plating
1D0115 Vacuum deposition
1D0120 Dressing
1D0125 Electroplating
1D0130 Etching
1D0135 3D etching
1D0140 Microsandblasting, sandblasting
1D0145 Painting
1D0150 Mechanical-chemical polishing
1D0155 Polishing, lapping
1D0160 Hard coating
1D0165 Screen-printing
1D0170 Pad printing
1D0175 Electrolytic processing
1D0180 Galvanic treatment
1D0185 Heat treatment
1D0190 Salt bath heat treatment
1D0195 Heat-chemical treatment

Packaging, microconnectors, interfacing, assembly,
printed circuits

1E0005 Assembly of electronic components
1E0010 Connector and/or microconnector technology
1E0015 Board and/or microelectronic circuit interfacing
1E0020 Microelectronics

1E0105 SMC microconnectors
1E0110 Special multicontact microconnectors
1E0115 Optical microconnectors with cables and boards
1E0120 Microconnectors for cables
1E0125 Microconnectors for PCBs

1E0205 Dedicated interfacing boards
1E0210 Controlling circuits for actuators and microactuators
1E0215 Processing circuits for sensors and microsensors
1E0220 Dedicated electro-fluidic or electro-optical circuits

Assembly methods
1E0305 Bonding
1E0310 Sealing
1E0315 Welding of electronic components
1E0320 TAB

Printed circuits
1E0405 Printed circuits

Microelectronic housings
1E0505 Ceramic housings for microelectronics
1E0510 Metallic housings for microelectronics
1E0515 Plastic housings (resin, polymer, etc.) for microelectronics

1E0605 Integrated circuit test
1E0610 Electronic component test

Smart dedicated electronic and
opto-electronic circuits

1F0005 Smart dedicated electronic and/or opto-electronic circuits

1F0105 Functional electronic cards and circuits on request
1F0110 Display control circuits
1F0115 Transmitter, receiver control circuits
1F0120 Printing control circuits
1F0125 Integrated audio-video processing circuits
1F0130 Thick layer hybrid circuits
1F0135 Fine layer hybrid circuits
1F0140 Digital integrated circuits
1F0145 Analog integrated circuits
1F0150 DSP integrated circuits
1F0155 Logic integrated circuits
1F0160 Optronic integrated circuits
1F0165 Programmable integrated circuits
1F0170 Laser diodes
1F0175 Opto-electronic and optomechanical interfacing
1F0180 Microlenses and components dedicated to specific applications
1F0185 Multi-component modules

Circuit prototyping

1G0005 Prototyping of actuators, sensors, dedicated displays
1G0010 Hybrid circuit prototyping
1G0015 IC prototyping
1G0020 Microsensor prototyping
1G0025 Optical and/or electronic microcircuit prototyping
1G0030 Subassembly prototyping
1G0035 Prototyping for the encapsulation of components and subassemblies

Microactuators, microsensors, microdisplays

1H0005 Integrated microactuators

1H0110 Piezoelectric microactuators
1H0115 Microswitches
1H0120 Micromotors
1H0125 DC and AC micromotors
1H0130 Electrostatic micromotors
1H0135 Magnetic micromotors
1H0140 Step micromotors
1H0145 Piezo-electrical micromotors

1H0205 Microsensors - smart sensors

1H0305 Displacement, speed and position microsensors
1H0310 Force, acceleration and pressure microsensors
1H0315 Temperature, luminosity, hygrometry and calorimetry microsensors, etc.
1H0320 Microsensors and integrated dedicated processing circuits

1H0405 Microdisplays

Automation (designing and manufacturing)

1I0005 Maintenance, monitoring, production follow-up, control
1I0010 Safety
1I0015 Automated systems
1I0020 Assembly lines
1I0025 Production lines
1I0030 Transfer lines
1I0035 Microrobotics
1I0040 Feed and selection stations
1I0045 Continuous inspection stations
1I0050 Part sorting, automatic feed by bowl feeder

Designing, development and integrated production engineering
of micromechanical and/or microelectrical microsystems

1J0005 Aerospace
1J0010 Agribusiness
1J0015 Arms
1J0020 Audio and/or video
1J0025 Automotive
1J0030 Communication
1J0035 Household appliances
1J0040 Industrial equipment
1J0045 Railways
1J0050 Watch and jewellery making
1J0055 Data processing
1J0060 Shipping
1J0065 Medical
1J0070 Nuclear power
1J0075 Space

Consulting in designing, development and production engineering
of micromechanical and/or microelectrical microsystems

1K0005 Aerospace
1K0010 Agribusiness
1K0015 Arms
1K0020 Audio and video
1K0025 Automotive
1K0030 Communication
1K0035 Household appliances
1K0040 Industrial machinery
1K0045 Railways
1K0050 Watch and jewel making
1K0055 Data processing
1K0060 Shipping
1K0065 Medical
1K0070 Nuclear power
1K0075 Space

Research and transfer of microtechnology

1L0005 Research and transfer of microtechnology in submillimetric expertise
1L0010 Research and transfer of microtechnology in submicronic expertise

1L0105 Engineering: simulation (mechanical, electronic)
1L0110 Engineering: methods
1L0115 Engineering: R&D

Metrology - measurement - control

1M0005 Design, manufacture of measuring instruments
1M0010 Certified metrology laboratories
1M0015 Certified testing laboratories
1M0020 Metrology laboratories
1M0025 Optical measurement
1M0030 Metrology, calibration services
1M0035 Metrology, (dimensional) calibration services
1M0040 Metrology, (electricity-magnetism) calibration services
1M0045 Metrology, (temperature) calibration services
1M0050 Optical recognition (camera control)

Industrial services

1M0105 Consulting and expertise
1M0110 Control, Quality
1M0115 Material testing
1M0120 Coating testing
1M0125 Wear and corrosion testing
1M0130 Mechanical tests (hardness, tensile strength etc.)
1M0135 Non-destructive tests (ultrasound, X-rays etc.)
1M0140 Production engineering (machinery)
1M0145 Data processing (software)
1M0150 Industrial maintenance
1M0155 Submicronic expertise services
1M0160 Submillimetric expertise services
1M0165 Patents, trademarks and licences


1N0005 Equipment and processes for nanotechnology
1N0010 Nanoinstrumentation and nanometrology
1N0015 Nanomaterials and nanostructuring
1N0020 Micro- and nanocomponents
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